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makeyourmark@business-school.ed.ac.uk 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS


#makeyourmark returns February 2021

Thank you to all who participated in #makeyourmark2020!

#makeyourmark is a 48 hour challenge for University of Edinburgh undergraduate students to create a business that has a positive social impact by tackling inequality.

Join us for this fun, inspiring, and eye-opening two-day challenge in which you will build knowledge, contacts, and create a business idea that matches profit with purpose. Working with other undergraduate students from across the University, you will develop and pitch business ideas that aim to tackle inequalities and transform local communities.

Inspiring business leaders and bright minds from the University will support you throughout, and you will also have the chance to win money-can't-buy mentoring and shadowing with Scotland's business leaders.

And most importantly, you will #makeyourmark.

“I have learnt how to be creative, speak for myself, and to be more open minded.”

“Great advice from experts and facilitators.”

“I was reassured as a business student and person that I am on the right path to making a difference.”

Past challenges have tackled issues including:

  • Climate Change
  • Obesity
  • Homelessness
  • Gender Equality
  • Access to Clean Water
  • Mental Health
  • Isolation and Loneliness in Old Age

For those of you who are enrolled in the UG Edinburgh Award, participation in the event contributes towards 2 of your 5 Skills Sessions for the Edinburgh Award in Professional Development or 12 hours towards your Leadership Activity for the Edinburgh Award in Effective and Responsible Leadership.

#makeyourmark is open to University of Edinburgh undergraduates from years 1 to 4.